Alexander James McKay, “The Rabbit’s Hole.”

The Rabbit’s Hole

That deep dark abyss, forbidden and seducing
The portal to progression
We claw at curiosity
Clenched sweat between our fingers
Paranoia seeps between the cranial cracks
The primordial mind caves in

Down the rabbit hole we go
Our blistered feet hit the floor
Eyes adjust to the hostile light
Vision shows the horror
A world of ash, fighting the darkness
Life, no life, any life couldn’t be
So forsaken that forsaken wouldn’t be
Something far worse haunts this world
Faceless, soulless, emptiness
We see ourselves and what might be
Fragmentations of our nightmares
Humanoid fear, shuffling amongst the soot

This quiet army sentinel in this silent temple
Seems to keep us firm in our place
I want to leave!!! LET ME LEAVE!!!
NO!!!! The voices scream at me
These passive creatures won’t let me go.

Fight back! FIGHT BACK!
Bring down these heathen drones!
Fill the empty voids with light
And let it spread
Bring green to grey
And blue to black
The death of this desolate land is at hand
And we are its harbingers.

Behold our arrival!
We’ve been down the rabbit’s hole
Faced those without one
Traveled the roads of ash
And rebirthed this world.
Up the rabbit’s hole we go
To stand side by side with our Lord
And look at the world below


About the Author

Alexander James McKay is a student at Ohlone Community College in Fremont, California, and majors in Social Sciences. Aside from writing, he enjoys playing sports, working on and riding bicycles and listening to his collection of vinyl records.


One comment

  1. Lama Mama · · Reply

    Ahhhhhh nice Alex – a little piece of your soul and what inhabits your creative mind. Remain one step ahead of the light and surround yourself with what inspires you to ooze thought evoking poetry. A master of the written word, wringing out ones thoughts, reason and logic and cognitive
    thinking, droplettes, one at a time, feed and create river Alex…..that we flow peacefully along.

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