Alexander McKay “A Poem For ‘Morning’ People”

A Poem For ‘Morning’ People

by Alexander McKay

Groaning the gateways to the soul opens

Skin on skin bonded with tears and dust

Pull madly against the mind

Adjust to the light, blind and impartial

Slowly the muscles find form, tense and contract

A musical orchestra of aches and pains

This room, the smells of past meals

Caked on spices and burned grease

A quick flick of the finger, soft subtle beep

Then the most horrific of screeches

An ear splitting noise that carves

Digs and maims into the toughest victim

A few seconds of hellish screams

Decades of memories blended and mangled

Silence…sweet silence….then…


Blood falling to the pool

The aftermath of the war

Chilling, comforting, hypnotizing

Drops of black gold dance through the pot

Steam hostile as it enters the nose

But it’s scent soothes this

Hot fire in liquid form, coating

Encircling and enveloping the body

The spike

The rush

Eyes dilate like a sun imploding

And so it begins

A man and his coffee

About the Author

Alexander McKay is a student at Ohlone Community College in Fremont, California, and majors in Social Sciences. Aside from writing, he enjoys playing sports, working on and riding bicycles and listening to his collection of vinyl records.


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  1. Alexander McKay · · Reply

    To whomever reads this poem I wholeheartedly thank you! I wanted to make it know and give special consideration to Odalis (Kiddo), Marissa (Diva) and Sara, these are the three ladies in my life that not only gave inspiration for this poem but inspiration to write at all!

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