Alexandria Ulloa, “Blushing” and “The Miracle of a Seed.”


© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Alexandria Ulloa

You blush
like the wine you drink,
sipping and savoring
my cheap two cents
about your crossed, bottleneck legs.
Think outside the box,
responding like a bubbly, dry Zinfandel.
Look at me
with sparkling eyes.
Sweet nothings drip from my mouth
into your ear.
Remove the cork or
open the nozzle,
whatever turns you on.
Pour yourself all over me.
Make me blush.

The Miracle of a Seed

It was naked to the eye,
the seed planted in my moist, damp valley of pleasure.
From one season to the next,
a bud bloomed within the heart of my nurturing plot.
Its beauty,
defined by the stems and petals,
blossomed from the soil.
The miracle called for a celebration.
Alas, full bloom in the spring,
the gardener removed it from the engorgement,
wiped off the debris,
and snipped the roots away.

Alexandria Ulloa is currently studying psychology at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. She will transfer to ASU in the spring to complete a bachelor’s program. Alexandria aspires to help people through her future profession as a therapist while touching others through her writing.

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