CA Yadira, “Number Unknown”


Copyright Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by CA Yadira

“Hola Mija”

said the voice on the phone

“… soy tu Papa…”

“I want to come home”

Home? I thought

You haven’t been home for 20 years

Home is not where you left it on Plaza Street

Home has moved several times since you left


The weight of memories

Stopped the words from coming out

I gazed desperately seeking

An anchor to this world

Or a portal out of it

He had been in jail

3 months he said

I felt the air leave my lungs

Rushing out to grasp reality

This cannot be


He was living in his van

Memories of material security

Giant black leather luxury on wheels

TV outlets in the back

Just like the leather seats

Time and heat cracked him

His symbol of luxury

His refuge

State Farm’s parking lot

San Bernardino, CA

His home


“Mija I need you”

Instantly I’m six years old again

Getting him to bed

Before Mom sees

“I’ll hold you up Pa’”

Holding his lifeless head

As it draped over the toilet

Sweeping oily raven hair back

Preventing his forehead

from meeting the Porcelain Savior


“I can’t do this anymore Dad.”


“I have to go.”


Originally from Westminster, CA Yadira moved to Santa Barbara after graduating from UC Davis in June 2013. She loves the conciseness of poetry and its ability to telling a good story, which provokes emotions and allows the reader to go on a journey. Her goal is to teach others the power of their own narrative.




  1. This was so beautiful! It gives me chills

  2. beautiful and soul piercing …

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