Christopher Orange, “Elizabeth.”


© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Christopher Orange

I saw the best minds of my generation hindered by
the temptations of skin, heart, and mind—
Disorganized and delusional we gather,
Battered by the beautiful beasts from before
dishonest and empty promises left this unnatural
nothingness– we gather in the streets, bars, parks—
Meeting magical men and women who feel
novel yet nostalgic of those we lost,
Nesting in our unconscious sparked
by similar caring characteristics—
From him — who fell fast for five months or so–
Swore to the sun she made him whole-
Found three suitors kneeling at the doorstep-
Grew unsure but certain that change
is more than enough to propel him
into happiness- and lacking stability,
Dives into the short time investment,
Dismantling an establishment brought to its knees
by more turnover than true lovers—
To her– haunted by her own judgment,
Avoiding the gentle stares of gentlemen
who intend to praise her with unrivaled passion—
Potential perfection permeated by the parasites
who convinced her that tangled sheets
are her debt to him for declaring
his heart and mind belonged only to her
And she-silently suspicious-
Asks not why he disappears
when she feels most near to him,
To him—a beautiful builder of battlefields—
Balancing a battalion wielding bloodied bayonets—
Against her soft screams to drop his guard-
But he is no beginner to the blistering barrage that
follows a cautious cavalry-
Which once stranded him in Calvary
Crucified by an old careless covet.
I saw the best minds of my generation hindered by
the temptations of skin, heart, and mind—
And I– I no different, beckon you Elizabeth
to run from my purest intentions,
For they walk and talk with beauty
But know not the paradoxical pain in pleasure

From Durham Technical Community College, Christopher Orange is a young writer who plans to write stories for years to come. Currently a sophomore eager to transfer, he hopes to combine his love of psychology with his love of writing into a unique style that captivates audiences everywhere.

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