Cody James, “End of the World Dream.”

End of the World Dream

© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Cody James

My eyes shut and the dreaming begins
I sit there and watch, as the darkness soaks in

I’m in my dream now and the place is familiar
But I’m surrounded by people with faces not familiar

Silence filled the air and everything is still
Waiting for everything about to be fulfilled

The ground starts to shake and I stand there confused
“It’s Jesus,” they shout as I try to defuse

I run to the edge and look up to the sky
As the people behind me run straight on by

All I see is an oval shaped light
That does not move just shines so bright

I looked away and turn around
Not looking back as everything turns upside down

Cody James is a 20-year old student at Big Sandy Community and Technical College at Pikeville, Kentucky campus. He is getting his Associates in Arts degree and continuing his career for music. He is a Christian singer and he leads worship at his home church at Beefhide Missionary Alliance.

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