David Peacock, “Cheesy Poem.”

 Cheesy Poem

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

Prolific and jocular, GK Chesterton fired an arrow at the sensitive poets.
Poets are not ignoring cheese,
we honor cheese
however we have so many other subjects to explore

Like trees and ferris wheels
conversations in windy automobiles
the subtleties of eye color and the grin of a baby

We have not got around to cheese

Its creamy colors, uneven rectangular shapes
remind us of the majesty of the Platonic solids
A soft squishy feel that yields to the touch and captures the fingerprint of all
who touch it
like a rich man’s influence on his favored politician

Someday soon, perhaps poets will write on cheese
and Stiltons

Poets may create an entire genre on pizza cheeses
versus Pizza Hut
versus Round Table
versus Papa John’s

Chesterton you fool
you may unleash the full writing arsenal of the poets
And soon, say in the year 2130, readers will howl and scream

“Please stop writing about the texture, the effervescence, the incandescence,
and the transcendence of cheese”

About the Author

David Peacock is a poet and painter. His work has been published in Askew and Sage Trail. His favorite G. K. Chesterton novel is The Man Who Was Thursday, an absurd story with delightful characters.


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