Ezana Salgado “Kings and Queens”

Kings and Queens

Copyright Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Ezana Salgado

A watched pot never boils;

Least that’s what my Mom said.

Contrary to her belief,

Reality pours

Grains lucidly

Heated on our hands.

Father came home

With hot liquid mannerism,

Physically enhancing

Through his brutality

What flavors

Would pour from his

Teabags today.

He never waivered

Nor softened

His blows

With honey, cream,

Or sugar;

He enjoyed it strong,

Manly strong.

So often


In our house

Became a verb

Meaning how hard

You can hit a woman.

Women became

A numerical value

Meaning how long

Can you withstand.

In the simplicity of his mind,

All women are made

From leather,

Affixed to a stand

For his hands to meet.

This is why cowards

Have no muscle,

No matter the magnitude

Of their endeavors.

How cowardly

Does he have be to lay hand

On someone’s daughter?

Wipe away his fallacy

And say he’s

A man, a husband,

A King.

Lest you say the only King is a Queen,

Birthright has already done so.

He, ironically enough,

Once held his body so fragile,

So cowardly,

Only to wipe away his tears

And say,

This is my finest


This is my finest



Ezana Salgado is 22 years of age. He started writing his works at the early age of 15, and is the author of an upcoming book An Angel’s Forgiveness published by Underwater Mountains. His progression in poetry dawned in recent years through the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with acute OCD. His journey of overcoming such an illness made him experience situations that matured his perception of the world and allowed him to meaningfully articulate these affairs through the brush of a pen. His work is what he considers his rebirth. He attends Santa Barbara City College (SBCC).



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