Gerry Gomez, “disposition,” “regret minimization framework,” & “casual attribution”

Photo by Gerry Gomez_For Disposition-Regret Minimization-Casual Attributions by Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez


by Gerry Gomez

flanked by destructive impulses

refulgent eyes pierce insipidness

with analytic focus

       transforming existence

synchronized motion rivets flesh

intention altered

processes uncovered

       time annihilated

pleasure flow indicted

love denounced

infatuation shifts

       amnesia enfolds

disposition –



regret minimization framework

anarchistic struggles challenge

ordinary guilty truths


degenerate knowledge

augments the senses


open transgressions

painstakingly reviewed


sensibility eviscerated

perversions astound


random proclivities confessed





the coming freedom


casual attributions

i figured you were talking about

me because you were talking about


the subject you were talking about

you weren’t talking about




important about your life

you were talking about


that subject

you were talking about


the subject you were working on

you were working on


you were working on something

that had to do with





Gerry Gomez is a former contributor to Impact Visuals, a photojournalism cooperative committed to progressive political and social causes.  His photo work has been published in a number of newspapers and magazines including The Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnam Airlines Magazine, Birdlife International and Mature Outlook Magazine.  He is currently a portrait and documentary photographer living in Santa Barbara, California and taking writing courses at Santa Barbara City College.


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  1. Good stuff here Gerry, I really like it!

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