Jenna Dorn, “untitled”

Copyright Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez


by Jenna Dorn


Black shirts, black jeans, black combat boots.

Black makeup smudged around sullen eyes and swollen cheeks.

Black emerging as the brilliant flame slowly burns out.

Is black a girl’s color or a boy’s color?



Black skin, black eyes, black faces.

Cornucopia of black bodies colliding and collapsing along the concrete.

Red stains smearing clothing, badges, and pride.

Is blood a girl’s color or a boy’s color?



Bloody noses, bloody tissues, bloody arms.

Criss-cross cuts oozing crimson red along trembling hands.

Bandaged wrists suppressing wounds that never seem to heal.

Is hate a girls rage or a boys rage?


Jenna Dorn is a second year student at Santa Barbara City College, pursuing degrees in English and Film. She enjoys all kinds of creative outlets such as cooking, writing, dancing, and photography.  She hopes to write for films in the future. The Graduate is her favorite film and biggest inspiration.


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  1. Arthur · · Reply

    Love it!

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