Jenni Murphy, “Nourishment.”


© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Jenni Murphy

Your lips were the color of autumn
Your hair billowed around like flames
The pale tone of your skin is now like a river stone dried in the sun
I wanted to taste the sweet nectar
I desired to smell your spicy almond flavors
I wanted to suck the sunbeams through my mouth
To drink the very light that comes from you
Drink it right into my own pathetic soul
To nourish the need
To flee this harvest
To eat at your supper with my hands

Jenni Murphy was born in April of 1964 in Washington State. In 2009, a lay off from a job of sixteen years from a yacht interior company caused her to reevaluate life. Looking for a permanent job for over five years without success, she is now attending Tacoma Community College

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