Jon Vreeland, “Occupation.”


by Jon Vreeland

©Gerry Gomez

©Gerry Gomez

I needed a break
A reprieve,
So I drove to the market and
picked up two bottles of Cheap wine
Expensive Burgers
(sold cheap),
I forgot the smokes
forgot the chocolate,
But she wasn’t mad,

(I remembered the wine).

I needed a drink
Writers, Artists, Musicians
Have it bad.
Our souls screaming
On wax and dead trees
For people to

Art is Painful,
Artists are the same

(I poured the wine).

My eyes dragged down by
Rotten grapes dripping from a
Dirty Glass,
The Second full moon
Powdered Blue like her eyes.
Artists need rest

And the T.V. is a sure way to fall asleep

(Nothing but garbage and empty souls).


Jon Vreeland is a writer, poet, journalist, and musician, born in Long Beach California and raised in Huntington Beach by his birth parents. Vreeland’s writing appears on journals such as Rebelle Society, East Fork, Sun and Sandstone, Plain Brown Wrapper, and Painted Cave. He has two poetry chapbooks: “Laughing in Your Sleep” and “Poems about Delicious Embryos and Such.” This is Vreeland’s third year at Santa Barbara City College where he is president of the Writer’s/Poet’s Club. His major influences are Charles Bukowski, Jim Morrison, Darby Crash, God, his parents, and his two beautiful daughters, Mayzee and Scarlett. Vreeland is married to artist Alycia Vreeland, who is also his illustrator.

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