Karen Case, “Agree”


Photo by Gerry Gomez_For Agree by Karen Case

© Gerry Gomez


by Karen Case

(Inspired by a meeting agenda.)

It’s there, on the paper,


It’s in the plan,


You must agree

on strategies and goals.

There is no place for discussion

or disagreement. 


They all say:


Think outside the box.

Be yourself.”

But only if you

diversify within their expectations.

Only if your box

fits in theirs.

Only if the real you

agrees with them.


There is no time

for different opinions.

Please just stick to the schedule.

You must agree.


Karen Case is in her last term at Blue Mountain Community College where she will graduate with a two year transfer degree. She originally started writing poetry for a class but has continued to write in her minimal amounts of free time. Karen also enjoys theatre and will be starring in the current BMCC play.


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