Liam Strong, “Jonathan Kellerman Gone Missing.”

Jonathan Kellerman Gone Missing

by Liam Strong

©Gerry Gomez

©Gerry Gomez

Faye hid her face from the reporters, shut the door,

threatened to crush their cameras between frame and lock

if they didn’t go, belied poetic justice

to her missing mystery writer.

She could feel the irony of it all in her veins.

She thought behind locked door,

if he can write stories by the dozens,

he can write himself out of this one.

Jesse was there and just wanted him back,

wanted him back.

We’re all each other’s footsteps,

we’ve written ourselves into this and have to

speak our way out, she thought.

Think like a psychologist.

Where are you but in the library,

not the face found pinned up on the bulletin board,

or the same one smiling on the back of your books,

but the voice etched within.

There she will call to him,

and hope he writes back.


Liam Strong is a poet from Traverse City, Michigan. He is studying creative writing at Northwestern Michigan College. You can find his work in Dunes Review, Poets’ Night Out, NMC Magazine, It Djents, and the forthcoming issue of Scythe Prize.


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