Olivia Gardom, “The Definition of Crazy.”

The Definition of Crazy

Leaves me confused and conflicted,
As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Crazy, as an adjective, means
“Full of cracks and flaws”
But if I were not cracked
The water would not seep through my skin
Would not mix with my blood
And course through my veins
As I dip my fingers into the icy water of the nearly frozen lake,
To understand how the fish feel
As their home no longer feels livable,
To the point where they can not help but consider
How it feels up there in the sky
Where the winged terrors live

If I were not flawed
I would not be in school
Trying to fill those empty spaces,
Scrawling notes in my illegible script
Would not force out the thoughts swirling in my head
Would not feign concentration
When those thoughts persist
My flaws are what brought me here
Across the country
From all of those gorgeous snowflakes
Individual and delicate
Coming together to form the highlights of my childhood
Snowball fights
Exhilarating races down just steep enough hills
Navigating through the trees,
Shrieking with joy as we inevitably fell off the thin brightly colored plastic
And rolled a few feet in the soft light blanket of winter

By your definition
I do not deny that I am crazy
I would never attempt to hide my flaws
To patch up my cracks with the Elmer’s Wood Glue
I would borrow from my father’s workshop,
When I was young and still believed
That every broken thing could be fixed


About the Author

Olivia Gardom is a freshman as Santa Barbara City College studying Psychology and Early Childhood Education. She is passionate about writing and she plans to become more involved with poetry in the future.



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