Patricia Sanders, “White Boys and Pills”

White Boys and Pills

by Patrica Sanders


Persimmon orange, muted red, mottled plum, lemon lime;

Spilling from posh proper dispensers in disguise, numbered.

Two stepping across the clean galley counter;

Jelly beans at carnival.

Pale salon manicured fingers,

Shuffle the perfect colored discs.

Chess moves,

Jolly discoveries,

Pairings and associations;

Washed down with amber despair.

Delusional refined habit;

Wearing a pharmaceutical necktie.

Swift – clean – neat.

Lean white fingers pinch.



Laughter, nods;

Subtle elite passage,

Cloistered in an awkward serenity.

Onward gods –

Power brokers;

Young, fragile,

Playing grown up.


Hiding on edges of

Pure unadorned pleasure.

White boys and pills;

Where the lies are Truth.


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