Vittorio Grieco, “Mutiny of a Captain” and “Serenade to My Yogini.”

Mutiny of a Captain

© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by Vittorio Grieco

entrusting my wings
to endless flight
I bequeath my soul
for in the end it’s
Time . . .
that will tell
endless tales of
wild fairies and wicked ships
lost within foreign seas
uplifting winds
timelessly still
oh, sweet angelic wings
embracing the air
give me flight
for my feet have
given up this fight
oh, precious
Time . . .
you come
to give me rest
scattering hummingbirds
pausing within an instant moment
as I envelop another deep morning breath

Serenade to My Yogini

within your presence
my breath stops
within our pose
my body weeps

your exhale, my inhale
mindfully confused
wanting us to envelop
rhythmic tantric patterns

thumping heartbeats
syncopated lives
in ~ between the sun
and the moon

our love resurrects
our OM echoes

Vittorio A. Grieco, a UCSB Graduate in Italian Cultural Studies, is completing an Associates Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management at Santa Barbara City College. Vittorio’s love of movement through Aikido, Yoga, and Music is expressed passionately through his poetry, his motorcycle and his digital social media adventures.

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