James Guitierrez, “Wednesday Night Interlude.”

Wednesday Night Interlude

© Gerry Gomez

© Gerry Gomez

by James Guitierrez

Another lonesome night
Darkness outside my windows
The contrast with white walls is frightening.

Yin and yang
A baby is being born
At the same time a man is murdered.

Maybe these walls are driving me insane
Or maybe like Ernest Hemingway
“It’s probably only insomnia
Many must have it.”

James Gutierrez is a second year student at Santa Barbara City College and with the encouragement of his English professor, Julia Kilgore, submitted his writing for the first time. Next year he hopes to transfer to either UCSB or the University of Chicago and receive a degree in Sociology. James loves long car rides with good music and Lagunitas beer.

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