Tyler Povell “The Golden Question”

The Golden Question

by Tyler Povell

They say that Gotham needs saving, well take a look at us.

Society needs saving.

The poor.

The decrepit.

Where’s our Batman? Not here, I can tell you that for sure.

We are the broken, the crippled.

Digging our way six feet under day by day,

And what are we supposed to do about it?

We were born to die, without any savior.

There is no heroic man or woman with a cape.

Born into a world crippled with destruction,

With sadness.

Yet there are still people who believe.

What happens to believers when they die?

Now that is the golden question.

Do they float above the clouds?

Are their hearts condemned with satisfaction?

Their soul may float beyond but their body stays below.

Their organs soon deteriorate and become nothing more than dirt.

We get stepped on our entire lives just to become

What we treaded on to begin with.

Ironic isn’t it?

Our bones are the only physical matter to survive,

Destined to eventually crumble.

And when that happens, what’s left of us?


Absolutely Nothing.

About The Author

Tyler Povell is a student attending Nassau Community College in Long Island, New York. He is studying botany and horticulture and one day would like to work with various plants in their natural habitat around the world. His interests include macaroni and cheese and playing in his band, Darksteel Colossus.


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