Nicole Jennings, “Love Poem” & “With Caution”

Photo by Gerry Gomez_For Love Poem and With Caution by Nicole Jennings (1)

© Gerry Gomez

Love Poem

by Nicole Jennings

Let’s sing off tune together,

harmonize in the most agonizing way,

nails against chalk board, fork scratching plate,

yea, that kind.

We can be every misspelled word,

every incorrectly placed punctuation mark

in a love poem.

See, I’m not afraid to be wrong with you,

as long as we make sense to each other.

We are the products of tarnished relationships,

the spark to a new flame.

I am ready to set fires with you,

as long as you promise to keep the skies lit up for me.

Fill the air with the suffocating smoke of our passion

and watch as it bleeds out of their lungs,

we’d never be easy to swallow.

Let them call it crazy!

The danger of forbidden love

is not being part of it in the first place.

With Caution

You think something could only break once,

I have broken countless times

Getting myself together enough

Only to be broken again

I shatter

You would never know what it’s like

To count down the hours, feel your heart race,

In anticipation of seeing your love

I could describe it to you in detail

Along with what’s it like to find the hours to be spent

Promised to someone else

I shatter

I can show you what it’s like to break

To slip through the fingertips of a hero

To never be saved

I could never be saved

I shatter

Always perceived as harsh

I draw blood because I am broken

I am continuously breaking, why do you continue to break me?

You whisper I matter

I shatter

I have broken countless times

So I am getting myself together

Enough to…


Born and raised in the Bronx but currently residing in Massachusetts and attending Bunker Hill Community College, Nicole has always had a passion for writing and can remember doing so since a young age. Life events, whether hers or others around her, are usually what helps move the pen easily setting a tone for her work.  Life, Love & All that other stuff is her first published book but most definitely not the last. Please be sure to visit her website at


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